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Formation of WIT

A small group of four to eight people who do the same or similar work, voluntarily meeting together regularly, usually under the leadership of their own supervisor or designated facilitator, and trained to identify, analyse, and solve some of the problems in their work, presenting solutions to management, and where possible, implementing the solutions themselves.

Motivators for forming a WIT
  • A team relied on the complementarity of members
  • An organization with flexibility
  • A culture of being supportive and encouraging
  • A way of having fun!
Roles of WITs

Departmental Facilitator

  • Promote to all levels of organization, gauge support and keep the team motivated
  • Manage group dynamics during meetings, keeps the team focused and using the problem-solving tools effectively
  • Provide feedback & assistance to team members
  • Educate/refresh members on quality problem solving process, techniques and tools
  • Link between team and other WITs, supervisors and WIT Committee
  • Click here to find out your Departmental Facilitators

Team Leader

  • Represent the group, arrange and lead team meetings and allocate work/tasks
  • Get subordinates to join WIT activities
  • Lead the WIT and involve team members in solving problems or bringing about improvements relevant to the team’s work
  • Work closely with the facilitator in projects undertaken by WIT

Team Member

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Share and contribute ideas, effort and time to improve the team’s effectiveness
  • Cooperate with and help team leader and others
  • Participate in problem-solving activities of the group
  • Implement effective improvements arising from projects carried out by the team
How does a WIT Operate? (Process Improvement Model)
Steps and Procedures
Improvement Area for WIT Projects
    Service Quality
  • Create better customer experience by strengthening their access to information and extending feedback channels
  • Introduce communication platforms with service partners to enhance deliveries
  • Add value to existing service
    Environmental Friendly Practice
  • Reuse, reduce and recycle (3Rs)
  • Resource utilization
  • Promote environmental education and awareness
    Work Methods & Procedures
  • Streamline work procedures to increase productivity
  • Fine-tune work methods to ensure effectiveness
  • Establish clear workflow to manage risks
    Systems & Technology
  • Make good use of existing systems and add advancement if needed
  • Enhance work efficiency and effectiveness through applying new technology
    Work Environment
  • Raise the work quality and safety by improving the work environment and facilities
  • Create smarter tools to facilitate tasks
    Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Accelerate the performance of the team by encouraging teamwork
  • Reinforce communication and collaboration within the team
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